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let’s start the week off right!

one of the ways to keep up with your health/fitness is writing it or typing it into your daily/weekly schedule. this way you hold yourself accountable everyday. small goals are not as over whelming and can seem easier to obtain. for example: monday 7am run 3 miles before breakfast, drink at least 8 cups a water today and 10 minutes of stretch/meditation before bed. small obtainable goals will also feel good! because, knowing if anything, you completed something that you said you would get done. Look at that and it’s only monday! great way to start off the week! imagine what you’ll accomplishe by friday?!! so go into your organizer,smart phone, ipad, etc… and start scheduling. happy monday

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new locations

hey all! so saturday we had a small situation. so for the time being my group sessions will be moved around the west hollywood area. no more plummer park, we are now back at Runyon and Pan Pacific but I’m adding Poinsettia Park. sorry for the change and thank you for  being so flexible! I just wanted to give a big shout out to melinda, laura, cara, stephanie, and julie for coming out today and not letting the heat cut into their fitness time. you guys did a great job! remember drink almost double the water you normally drink. dehydration can sneak up on you and believe me it doesn’t feel good. go buy some coconut water as well. it will help restore the electrolytes you lost during all that sweating in my sessions and the 100 degree weather. happy sunday! see you nest week!

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ask questions!!!

good morning everyone! so yesterday I observed some things that didn’t really sit well with me. One of the things I pride myself on is my education and experience.  I’m always staying educated because I know the more knowledge I have the more I’ll be able to offer it to my clients. The more knowledgable  they are  the more they understand the whole process we’re going through and in the long run the benefits are never ending. so this is my tip for the day, week even the whole year! ask you trainer as many questions as possible! like, are you educated? degrees? where? what certifications? what type of certifications? If you don’t understand some of the degrees or certifications ask! how long have they been training? what type of clients do they generally train? Why did they become a trainer? If your trainer tells you to draw your navel in, squeeze your butt together and flex your quadriceps while in plank ask why? the question WHY is your new best friend! if they don’t have an answer for you call me and I will!! have a great week!

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TRX certified

hey all! yesterday I was officially certified in the TRX suspension course! I wanted to give a big thank you to Mary Lou and Kevin for teaching an amazing class! Now that I am certified I’m going to add a TRX/Kettlebell session on Tuesdays at 7:30am and just a TRX session on fridays at 7am. I’ll be using the TRX with some of my one on one clients and use it for a bit over the weekend but I really want to dedicate a couple of sessions just to this type of  work out. I’ll let everyone know when the schedule is officially up. Have a great week and remember make time for your fitness at least 30 miinutes a day!

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fridays session and increase in space over the weekend

hey all! so fridays session8/19) is cancelled… starting next week i’m increasing saturday and sundays sessions from 8 people per session to 10 per session It seems they’ve become quite popular so we need to make more room for 2 others! Fantastic!!! Just wanted to give a shout out to Melinda, Libby, Jason and Dan for working their little butts off today!! I’m really proud of you guys! Thanks again for making time for your health and fitness! Have a great Thursday!!!

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hey all!  about a week Melissa Lambarena from contacted me to ask if she could feature me on her website. Of course I said yes and for 2 reasons. One, the more people I can help get healthy and happy  the better. Two, more promotion for my business. No brainer, right?! so, last saturday she filmed some of my semi private training session and put the video on patch yesterday and I couldn’t have been happier! If you’e interested in checking it out here’s the link If you’re also working in the fitness industry and would like to be featured on the site please go onto to and contact melissa Lambarena. Also if you’re interesed in advertising space please get intouch with Alec Tuckman at patch media corp..

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