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Good Morning!

So, the new year is coming upon us pretty quickly! I know that new years resolutions seem kind of ridiculous to some but to others it’s a way to start over. It’s a way to make an agreement with themselves and really make a change! so if you’re a believer in resolutions whats yours? if you’re not have you accomplished all you wanted this year? I respect both sides of the coin on this. to all of you who set goals everyday and actually complete them and to all of you who start at the 1st of the year and set out to change your life. you’re trying to make a positive change! I have a small suggestion to the new years resolution people maybe start changing today. even if it’s as small as getting up a half hour earlier to meditate or turning the TV off an hour before bed so you can get some decent sleep. Small goals will eventually lead to larger goals and before you know it you’re accomplishing things you never thought you would! like a triatholon or maybe that business you always wanted to start! who knows… have a great week!

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Happy thursday!

hey so are you a member of a local gym or studio and not getting what you want out if? meaning are you getting results? learning anything from your trainer(if you’ve hired one)? if you have a trainer are they holding you accountable? correcting and watching your form while in the session? are you enjoying yourself? I’m going to say that if you answered no to alot of those questions then you need something new! Try Fit Club Los Angeles based in the West Hollywood!  The sessions are outside, really challenging, super fun and affordable so check us out!!  I promise you you’ll get all you need from this group!

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Gorgeous Monday morning!!


ok, on a health and fitness note or more of a watch out tip…  so, last week I finally decided that I was going to buy a bikram yoga package. It has literally taken me I don’t a year maybe longer to make the decision! reason being currently I’m a member of equinox so to spend more money on another memebership to me wasn’t in the finances but I worked it out and bought a package from this new “studio” in beverly hills. I’ve basically been mislead so here’s what you need to know before you agee to buy any package regarding bikram yoga. 1. make sure it’s a bikram studio that bikram himself approves. you can go to and look for your state and town and they will list all the studios that are offfical bikram studios. You want the true bikram yoga experience so go to a bikram studio.  they will teach you how to breathe correctly which is where any yoga practice begins.  2. Ask what their refund policy is because if you don’t ask they won’t tell you and you might be stuck. 3. Ask if this is a proper studio and not in their house. 4. Ask how warm the room is. Funny I’ve been to at least 4 or 5 different studios all in different areas and states and never had to ask any of these questions but apparently I do now…  here’s the thing, Bikram is it’s own seperate form of yoga. It’s the same 26 poses that bikram came up with. It is designed to help with circulation, detoxification,  loosen up muscles and joints and rejuvenate. The heated room is the most important part of the practice so if you’re walking into a room that’s 80 degrees you won’t get the true bikram yoga benefits. I know 80 degrees might seem pretty warm but traditional bikram yoga studios are anywhere from 100 t0 110 degrees! it’s fantastic!  It also teaches you mental and physical discapline. It is truely an amazing exeperience and it comes highly recommended!

ok, so I know this is off the beaten path as far as my blog content goes but make sure you know what you’re buying before you buy it! Make sure to check in for the group sessions up date! Happy Monday!!



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