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Women’s Health Article

How to go from type A to type B…

The article starts with a test-waiting in line and right away I  feel my blood pressure rise!  I’m so type A!!!! ok, so if that’s you, do you want to become more of a type B? I’m guessing yes so here are a few  tips from our trusty women’s health.

1.Carry around a little black book for a week  and jot down all the times you get annoyed, frustrated, angry. But not just the  truely pissed off times but all of it. Take a look at it at the end of the week and you’ll be able to detect patterns and start to change them.

2.The moment you start feeling anger or any inappropiate feeling or thought scream STOP! if your in public or with people say it to yourseld silently. This is pretty effective when getting rid of those angry feelings.

3. think of sex, your consciousness has a hard time thinking of two things at once.

4.the less dependent you are on sugar, nicotine or caffeine the more inclined you are to get a handle on hostility.

So since I suffer from type A personality-ha ha (although type A does wonders for me with my career) I do have the patience of a new yorker and can have hostile thoughts so I’m going to work on it this week.  I’ll let you know how it goes next week!

In the meantime think fit, be fit, stay fit!!

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Fit Club Los Angeles

So, my business partnership even though short lived has taught me one very valuable lesson,  to always be investing time and energy into your business because the more you do the more successful you’ll be! Fit Club Los Angeles is still here running strong! I can’t wait to see all those lovely faces this week! remember make exercise part of your everyday iife and it won’t be a chore! you’ll even look forward to it!

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