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Embracing Who You Are

This is the week to sit down with yourself and ask yourself who you think you are. I mean really sit down and figure out what makes you you. The good, the not so good, the bad, all of it. Why is this important? Because understanding who you are will help you embrace everything else in your life. It will cause you to be true to you and everyone around you. There’s no judgement here and the only person that could judge is you so be in the moment and embrace who YOU are! Maybe set that intention for this week… Who knows what people and experiences will come into your life. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Recharging Leptin Levels

Alright, so it was the oscars last night and I’m sure a bunch of you went to an oscar party or two. Did you drink and eat til your hearts content? Fall off your pretty consistent eating and exercising schedule? Well that’s ok, actually that’s really good! It’s ok to have one of those days once a week. Why? By eating healthy all week it kind of screws up your metabolism and it ends up slowing down. When you pick a day at the end of the week(preferrably a Sunday) eating whatever you want will recharge your metabolism. It will also recharge your hunger hormone. What happens is when you go for a long period of time with “dieting” your leptin levels go way below normal. Your body sends a signal to your brain saying it’s starving. The hunger hormone is switched on and all your body wants to do from that point on is get leptin levels back up. That’s when you start to over eat. But if your over wieght there isn’t a leptin ceiling meaning there isn’t a cut off on the amount of food you can eat in one sitting. Your body and brain will try to send the Appropriate signals but never really connect so you’ll just keep over eating and could end up obese. If you’re at a healthy weight and know how to manage your food intake then sundays won’t be an issue and you’ll be back on track on Monday. So, if you’re one of the many super fit and really disciplined eaters then go for that burger and fries. Have the popcorn and twizzers at the movies. Enjoy but back to it on Monday. Oh, NO ALCOHOL! Alcohol is metabolized differently. The body sees it as a toxin and will not digest it. Also when the body is focused on processing the alcohol it won’t break down carbohydrates and fats properly. Those calories are converted into fat and then stored permanently! ewwwww, not good!!! Alcohol also dehydrates you. You lose super important minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium and zinc. You kind of need those. They help regulate and maintain fluid balances, chemical reactions, and muscle contraction and relaxation. Alright people, thanks for checking in today! Have a wonderful Monday! Always remember Think fit, BE fit!

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Mental Focus

Sorry this is going to be a short one but I think what I say will be enough! Keep your mental focus, keep and build your mental strength by staying focused! Don’t let you get in your head! You can accomplish anything you put your mind too! KEEP YOUR MENTAL FOCUS, KEEP AND BUILD YOUR MENTAL STRENGTH BY STAYING FOCUSED! Think Fit, BE Fit! Have a lovely saturday!

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Fitness Goal #1 for 2012: Complete a triathlon

If you have been following my blogs, one of the first blog’s I wrote this year was setting daily/weekly/monthly/yearly goals. I also have written a blog or two about signing up for some sort of race to keep you focused and will help keep you on a consistent exercise schedule. A few of my fitness goals for this year are to complete a triathlon and complete two running races. Last week I signed up for my first indoor sprint triathlon. It’s the shortest and quickest triathlon. This particular race is being held at my local gym. It’s a 500 meter swim, a 10 mile cycle, and a 3.1 mile run(5K). The professionals are finishing this in 1:15 minutes and under. So, I hired a swim coach and started training for the race last week. I have one month to prepare for it! I’m super nervous but also really excited! Look, I’m a really competitive person! I have been since I was a little girl. It’s a part of me that I really tap into when it comes to these athletic situations so that’s why I just can’t seem to get my mind around the fact that I can’t even swim 25 meters without having a huge anxiety attack! Who knew!! I mean really, I’ve been breathing since the moment I came out of my mother’s belly! I didn’t have to learn how to breathe I just did! So why the hell am I forgetting to breathe under water?? BECAUSE YOU’RE UNDER THE WATER BRYNA!! ok so this is what I need to do, calm down, breathe, get out of my own head and just do it! Don’t think about it just do it! If you stay in your head too much with anything you’re setting yourself up for disappointment and failure. So the silver lining here my lovely blog readers is to be in the moment. Enjoy what you’re doing in that moment and do the best you can! Embrace it and be happy with the fact that you’re going to complete one of your goals for 2012! Think Fit, BE Fit!!

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Cardiovascular VO2 Max Test

A couple of friends of mine on facebook have been having a small dicussion today on BMI, how it’s useless and what other forms of measurments we can take that can be a more accurate monitoring of your health. that’s when I started talking about VO2 max test. So, basically this test measures how strong your heart is. What is also is measuring is how efficiently you’re breathing during aerobic exercise, in this case it’s running on a treadmill. Besides the treadmill you’ll need a strap heartrate monitor, oxygen uptake scale, a VO2 chart, a pen and a piece of paper. you’ll also need to know your clients target heart rate. there are 6 stages to this test. Each stage is 3 minutes long. Every stage you change the pace and the incline. The first stage incline starts at 10% and mph is 1.7 and progressivley gets harder and harder until you’ve reached the 6th stage 15% incline with a 6.5 pace. Have you experienced 15% incline? that’s hard enough walking it but running!! super challenging!! so here’s the deal with this test and this is why it’s so accurate for the health professional and spot on for the client. if your client reaches their target heart rate at level 2 then that’s where the test ends. The longer they last the better. It shows you that their breathing correctly, not taking in too much oxygen and that their heart is super strong and healthy. remember you are monitoring their heart rate and time each stage. There’s also a recovery stage. The client is given 6 minutes to recover. Recovery heartrate after this test is 115 bpm. The sooner it takes the client to recover the better. It shows you that their heart doesn’t have to work that hard to calm down. On the flip side of this test if they reach the first stage too quickly or take 6 minutes to recover then they are seriously cardiovascularly unhealthy. At the end of the test you’ll look up the time they finished, go to the oxygen uptake scale,look up their number and then figure out what fitness level they fall under in the VO2 max chart. To all you health professionals it’s a great way to re assess your clients! have a great Thursday! Think Fit, Be Fit!

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Keeping glucose levels even

I went to earth bar today. For those of you who don’t live in Los Angeles it’s a vitamin/wellness store. Fantastic! I always leave there alittle bit smarter and a lot more energy! A little bit smarter you ask?ayoung gentleman that ususally works on the vitamin side is really knowledgable. I went to him when I was pregnant as well just to make sure I was getting all the vitamnins needed to keep me and oliver healthy. One of the reasons why I think Oliver came out so incredible was the way I took care of my body while pregnant.he has something to do with that so thank you earth bar guy!! anyway, I left earth bar today with a bit more knowledge thanks to my buddy. I went in to get a cold/sinus shot and to buy some multi vitamins. I ordered my shot and while waiting went over to the vitamin side. I started talking to my guy on what I needed. He asked me a few really important questions. 1. Do I crave sweets? 2. Do I crave carbs(pizza, bread, etc…) I said well I am italian… :) 3. Do I have a highly stress filled life. I answered yes to 2 and no to 1. He then proceeded to tell me that when you have a busy life and are thinking alot it causes glucose levels to drop! I thought I knew all about glucose levels and how to keep them even but this is new and fantastic information! I love the Earth Bar guy and yes I will get his name the next time I go in! Ok, so when glucose levels drop that’s when your mood swings, you start craving sweets and carbs and your energy level drops as well. I’m thinking all day! I have a 20 month old son, have a full day of clients, work out twice a day and am training for a sprint triathlon!my day is full so getting in this multi vitamin is needed more then I knew! so I bought the multi and he suggested I buy calcium to keep my immune system strong due to the pretty active life I live. He also explained that every time you have a stressful thought or a frustrated moment you lose a little of that calcium you put into your body so 2000mgs in the am with protein/carb and 2000mgs at dinner time. So, if you answered yes to any of those questions my buddy asked me go to earth bar and get yourself a good multi vitamin. If you also have a really weak immune system whether from being a parent or having a high pressured job get yourself some calcium as well. Have a wonderful Wednesday! Always remember, THINK FIT, BE FIT!

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