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Friday Afternoon Work Out

Hey All! Here’s a work out to make this gorgeous Friday afternoon (or evening depending on where you are when you’re reading this) even more gorg! As usual I always like to remind you  that if you’re not used to higher intensity work outs, not very physically fit, or haven’t been to the doc to get a physical  in a while then DO NOT DO THIS WORK OUT! The work outs that I post are super challenging. It takes a very fit person to complete them plus if I’m not there to gauge what fitness level you are in or watch form then I don’t feel comfortable with you doing this work out. Seriuosly, I don’t want you  to get hurt…  Alright then here it is…

You’ll need a pool for this work out… You’ll also need a kettlebell and a softer area where you can do plank.  The kettlebell should be a heavier weight then what you’ve been using. So for fit females a 25/26kg kb and for fit men 35/36kg kb.

50 Meter swim(all out), 15 kb swings/15 kb single arm swings, right side plank 3o seconds, left side plank 30 seconds, forearm plank 30 seconds. All exercises back to back, no rest, do this circuit 10 times.

100 meter swim(all out),  30 kb swings alternating from 2 arm to 1 arm swings, right side plank 45 seconds, left side plank 45 seconds, forearm plank 45 seconds. All exercises back to back, no rest, do this circuit 10 times.

All I have to say is WOW! Stay focused! Stay in the moment! And always remember Think Fit, BE Fit!




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Confronting Fear

Does this sound like you? You’ve been on a really great track to health and happiness (through major lifestyle changes)for quite some time now. You’re now 5 to 10 pounds away from the goal you’ve been working towards for months! But what are you doing? Sabotaging?!  Self sabotoge is one of the most common reasons someone never  gets to any goals. You have 10 pounda left and what do you start doing?!! You start  blowing off work outs, blowing off your trainer, not watching your diet, you start drinking alcohol, just stop caring and trying. Why?Because you’re  changing! You’re changing from the unhealthy insecure person to the healthy one! the unhealthy part of you is bringing you down! You’re comfortable with unhappiness and failure and that’s where a part of you wants to stay. Why? Because you’re scard… Here’s what you do, get out of your own way! Look all at the work you’ve put in, look how strong you are, how determined  and focused you’ve been! Don’t let self doubt and insecurity sneak back in! Persevere! you can do this! I believe In you so get it together andalways remember Think Fit. BE Fit!

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Supplements… Yes or No?

If you can get all the vitamins and nutrients you need from food I would say you don’t need any supplements but unfortunately we don’t. Most of us don’t eat a very balalnced diet,have extremely stressful lives, or are constantly thinking which can deplete major vitamnis and minerals that the body needs every day to function(like vitamin C). So here are 4 supplements that I would recommend daily.

1. A time released mutli-vitamin.  Time released vitamins supply vitmans and minerals to the body over the course of the day rather all at once

2. Vitmain C. You generally need 2000 to 3000mgs  of calcium a day so find a vitamin that has 1000mgs per pill. Vitamin C helps form collagen protein in the body(skin,connective tissue, cartilage and bones). It’s also an antioxidant which helps strengthen the immune system.

3. Vitamin D/ aka sunshine vitamin. If you live in a state that has sunshine almost all year then getting direct sunlight will produce this vitamin . If you live in a state that gets sun a few months out of the year then you absolutely need this! Basically what it  does is makes use of the vitamin C in your diet to help strengthen bones and teeth. Kind of important!

4. Omega 3 or Flax seed(vegetarians) aka essential fatty acids(good fat). The benefits of this vitamin are endless but here are a few. Reduces inflammation in the body, may help lower risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer or arthritis, and are super important for cognitive(brain memory and performance) and behavioral function. Your body doesn’t produce omega 3′s so you have to get them through food and/ or supplements. I always promote through food first and then supplements.

There you go! If you live in Los Angeles I recommend buying your supplements from earth bar but if not trader joe’s or whole foods has some pretty well made options. Happy shopping! Always remember Think Fit, BE Fit!


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Work out for 3/26/2012

Hello hello! In this work out you’ll need a kettlebell, a medicine ball and a yoga mat. Kettlebell should be a weight that you’ll be able to sustain a high rep, minimal rest work out. Medicine ball, same applies. If you don’t have a yoga mat a large towel, patch of grass, whatever is going to break your fall in case you fall on your ass! Only joking…!!!  ok here we go:

30 kb swings, 30 ball slams, 20 kb swings, 20 ball slams, 10 single arm kb swings, 10 ball slams, 5 single arm kb swings, 5 ball slams, hold forearm plank for 1 minute, hold right side plank 1 minute, hold left side plank 1 minute.  Do this circuit as many times as you can in 30 minutes. When done either swim 500 meters in 10 minutes or less, bike 5 miles in 15 minutes or less or run 2 miles in 18 minutes or less. You can do this at the gym, in your home, at a local park wherever you feel most comfortable but just keep track of time, how many times you’ve done the first portion of the work out and your time on the swim, bike or run. You’ll do this work out again on wednesday or thursday. The goal here is the beat your amount of sets and time in the last work out. You will!! Just stay focused and ALWAYS  Remember Think fit, BE fit!

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First Fitness Goal Completed

One of my fitness goals for this year was to race in a triathlon, COMPLETED! I’m not going to lie, it was pretty challenging but I finished. That was my goal to finish the first one. So mission accomplished! Yes, there were times during the race that I could have given up but I refocused and persevered! There were times when I was thinking of the other athletes competing in the race but I refocused and persevered! There were times that I would think what the hell… but refocused and persevered! That’s what I’ve been focusing on this week in my blogs, perseverance. I think that’s what seperates the strong from the weak. It can be a very fine line from becoming weak or becoming strong. It’s really this simple, when you’re right in that moment of doubt and weakness say F… it I can do this and you will! Guaranteed! I hope that you’ve made some fitness goals this year and have already started tackling them! Remember Think Fit, BE fit! Have a wonderful weekend!

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The Secret to Losing Weight and Staying Fit!

Here’s the secret to losing weight… Consistently eating healthy and exercising. Did someone tell you something different? Did someone tell you you only need to work out 10 minutes a day, eat whatever you wanted, and rub cellulite cream on your ass to be fit? If they did ask them(if they are fit) what they do for diet and exercise? If it doesn’t involve exercising at least 30 minutes a day and a healthy balanced diet then ask someone else for advice. Seriuosly! There isn’t a pill, cream, a daily 10 minute work out routine, that’s going to get you to lose that last 10 pounds or get you down to lower body fat percentages. Consistentcy is key my friends! Like in life perseverance and drive is going to get you to any goal not fad diets or inconsistent work out routines. So, if you’re just starting out and need some guidance here are a few tips for staying on track and actually getting to your fitness goals.

1. Keep a food log. you can download an app that will help you log daily caloric intake and daily exercise. there are also websites that have support groups and daily journals so google away. You’ll find something that works for you.
2. Join a gym. Not into gyms join a local training group( Not into the group enviroment hire a trainer( Don’t have the money look at your finances. look at what you spend money on daily/weekly/monthly. I guarantee you’ll be able to cut some unhealthy habits out of your life and replace them with healthy ones. If you’re truly broke find a friend and start taking walks or hikes daily. No friends call me and I’ll go with you! Really, I will!
3. SLeep at least 7 hours a day and drink at least 96 ounces of water a day. Yes, super important to get enough sleep and to stay hydrated. If these two aspects of your life are consistently off you will over eat, not lose weight and hang on to body fat permanently. No joke!

These 3 tips will get you on track to healthy and fit  without having to rub cellulite cream all over that soon to be firm tush! Always remember, Think Fit, BE Fit! Have a lovely Friday!

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