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Does this sound like your life? Work is fantastic but your love life is hit or miss. Your love life is incredible but work is horrible. Or, you’re eating healthy but your work outs are suffering. Well if this is you you’re not alone! For anything in life to run smoothly and in harmony you have to figure out how to balance them. In order to lose weight consistently you have to eat healthy, stay hydrated, sleep well and deal with stress appropriately. When one thing is out of place you lose balance and that throws off everything else. Just like if all your energy goes into work how do you think you personal relationships are going to be? Or if all your energy goes into your relationships how do you think your work enviroment is going to be? It’s possible to balance it all! Really it is! You can be the super star at work and still make time for your family. You can still be in love with your mate and rock it out at work. You can work out everyday and still eat healthy. It’s easy, make that conscious choice. Really, it’s that simple. If you make your mind up you can do anything!

Think Fit, BE fit!

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Who Determines Your Self Worth?

In your life who determines your self worth? Your boss? Your husband/wife? Your kids? The casting director at your last audition? Or is it YOU? Have you thought about this? Take some time and figure this out…. When you’ve figured it out hopefully it starts with you! If not, adjust your priorities because anything worth wild In life starts with loving yourself! And never forget Think Fit, BE Fit!



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Triathlon #1 Completed, #2?

A few days ago I received an e mail from Equinox saying I made it into the Alcatraz Triathlon! Holy S…! That was my first reaction, my second was, do I have enough time to train for this? I had 2 days to make a decision…. I got intouch with anyone I knew who had raced in any triathlon, coached triathletes, or just knew traithlon training. I also thought long and hard on what I should do. I only had 2 months to train for this….! I decided the best thing for me and my body was to turn the invitation down, to still train for it but train properly with the appropriate amount of time. Next year I would race in the qualifier, get in and have my chance then. At first I thought I was quitting, bailing out, kind of giving up but that was my ego talking. I knew that I made the right decision and that even though I wasn’t actually racing I was still going to train for it and in a few months was going to have my own Alcatraz race here in LA. I was still going to challenge myself and train. Train myself to swim a mile and a half(free style), bike 18 miles and run 9 miles! I started my training today and what I realized after I swam my 1000 meters and biked 30 minutes was I’ve come a long way. I couldn’t even swim 25 meters without having an anxiety attack. I was also thinking that when the training did get hard or when it is going to get really difficult that I won’t quit. That I’ve become a triathlete, I think it’s in my blood now… And how did I get here? From stepping outside of my comfort zone and trying something new. Trying something that scard the shit out of me. Completing a goal that I’ve made for myself this year. And, what has this done for me? It’s made me a stronger and more fulfilled person. What goal have you been wanting to complete? Maybe you should get to it? It could change the course of your life! Or maybe direct you into the right one!  Think Fit, BE Fit.

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Bryna’s Friday Afternoon Work Out

Hey All, so sometimes I’ll post a work out that I’m about to do or have done for the day. They are higher intensity and heavily core based work outs so if you don’t have experience in either DO NOT DO THIS! Remember,  perfect form, remember to breath and most importantly have fun!

push up pike on swiss ball or medicine ball  20 reps                                                                       kb swings with 25kg to 35kg  20 reps                                                                                                  ball slams using 20lbs or higher 30                                                                                                      push ups, feet on 1 medicine ball hands on 2 other medicine balls. If you want to make this one harder make it a superman push up.

No rest until after you’ve completed 4 sets of this circuit… and like I always say Think Fit, BE fit!


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Work out for Wednesday 4/18

It seems to be a gorgeous day no matter what coast you live on so this outdoors work out will work wherever you live. Go to your local hike, stairs, sand dune  wherever you have a high enough incline that will be a moderate to hard work out for your fitness level. Remember to always start with a 10/15 dynamic warm up. Also if you’re not physically fit or have some sort of injury  DO NOT DO THIS work out.

You’re going to start with a plyometric exercise right  into a sprint and end with an isometric movement. Pace yourself because you’re going to do this circuit 10 times with NO rest. Perfect form, breath and always remember have fun!

10 jump squats, sprint up the hill, run back to where you started, hold plank for 30 seconds. Repeat 9 more times.

That’s it, short but brutal, If you want to make this harder well here’s the progression

20 jump squats, sprint up the hill, run back down, sprint up the hill, run back down, hold plank for 1 minute. Repeat 9 times.

If you want to make it even harder here’s even more of a progression

25 jump squats, run up and down the hill 3 times, hold plank for 2 minutes. Repeat 9 times.

No matter what level you pick there are 10 sets, no rest so pick a tempo that you can stick with in it’s entirety. Enjoy the work out and always remember Think Fit, BE Fit!

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Are You Making Time For You No Matter What?

Does this sound like you, your son needs to be picked up from a friends house at 5pm. That’s your usual gym time but your husband is fiddling around in the garage and asks you to do it… Your daughter is home from college and she needs you to drive her to the beach  which cuts right into your personal  training session … Or a friend calls you at 6pm wanting to talk about her relationship issues knowing that your favorite spin class is at 7p… Whatever the situation is you need to remember that you’re no good to anyone if you neglect yourself. If you made a plan at 7pm to go to a spin class then tell your friend politely that you’ll call her back after the class. Or if your daughter needs a ride to the beach either she can take the bus or wait til your training session is over. That hour or so a day makes all the difference on how you relate to everyone and everything in your life. Don’t you want to amp up your serotonin? Don’t you want to have a better nights sleep? Don’t you want to age beautifully and gracefully? Don’t you want to feel happier consistently? Then make time for you! And, like I always say Think Fit, BE Fit!

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