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I arrived in New Orleans Thursday morning… I was suppose to arrive Wednesday evening but due to mechanical issues with our original plane my first flight was delayed which caused Lee and I to miss our second flight. That forced us to stay the night in Dallas, Texas. I never missed a flight or was delayed and had to stay in whatever city I was delayed in so that was a learning experience! I was also robbed two nights ago which has also never happened to me. I lived in New York City half my life and never was harmed in any way ever. First night in New Orleans and my purse was stolen literally right in front of me! All they got was my clutch, a channel lip stick, and my I phone. I gave all my credit cards and ID to Lee before we started the evening events.  I’ve always said that bad situations just don’t happen it’s because your karmic energy is off. Apparently mine was. Last night while at dinner with Lee I realized why my purse was stolen. My karmic energy had been altered a bit and now it’s back to normal. There are life lessons in every experience, even the bad ones and believe me Good and Bad Karma are alive and well. Always remember Think Fit, BE fit!!

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Tiffany Nicholson

Hey guys! Life has gotten pretty busy! I’m truely sorry for not getting to my daily blogs. I’ve edited the amount of blogs to one a week. So, no worries! Still here, still contributing, still inspiring! I’m leaving for new Orleans next week for a friends/clients wedding. I went with her today to her last dress fitting before the big day. While  there looking at her beautiful reflection in the mirror all I could think about was how proud I am of her. She has worked her ass off! She exercised twice a day for months, watched her calories like a hawk, compromised and cut corners so she can Feel amazing in this moment. What she also accomplished  was getting her health and well being back! You know  sometimes when you start working towards one Healthy goal other parts of your life start changing in a really great way. When you take time to keep yourself healthy life rewards you with positive change. I’m so Proud of you Tiff! You’re truely inspiring! And Always remember Think Fit, BE Fit!

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Work Out For May 9th

Evening everyone, just wanted to give you a work out for tomorrow! I suggest you do this work out right when you get up on an empty stomach. Wait to eat your breakfast after. Not only will you burn a ton of calories some of those calories will be your dinner from tonight…

20 push ups

20 split jumps

1 minute plank

2 minute sprint

Do this circuit as many times as you can in 30 minutes. Write down your results. Then do the same work out on Thursday. The goal is to improve. Even if it’s by one set you’ve still pushed yourself that much harder. Good luck, have fun, keep form, remember to breathe and always remember Think Fit, BE Fit!

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Finding Time

Finding the time to take care of yourself is the most important to do on your to do list! Exercising regularly and eating healthy  will affect every aspect of your life. I was talking to a client today who said, “If I can’t find the time to spend with my daughter on some days I feel guilty making time for me.” I responded by saying, “ a half hour in the morning for you and an hour at night with your daughter. It’s not being selfish it’s taking care of yourself. It’s also setting a good example for your daughter. She sees you exercsing and eating healthy, she will follow you.”  I know life gets pretty crazy and sometimes there aren’t enough minutes in the day but if you can find 30 minutes surfing the internet or an hour to watch a mindless television show then you can find the time to exercise. I guess what you need to ask yourself is this, do you value yourself enough to make the time to be and stay healthy? Always remember Think Fit, B Fit.

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