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Work Out on this lovely Monday afternoon

hello hello! I know I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a work out. Life has been busy and wonderful and enjoying every minute of it! In order to keep my career going in the direction it has been  I need to make time for you!! I haven’t been and am truly sorry so here you go!

Like always I want to remind you that if you’re not familiar with core based work outs or haven’t been very active lately(lord knows why!!!) please stay away from this work out until you’re not such a lazy  or get more fit!!

You’ll need a swiss ball, a sand bell 12-15lbs ladies, 20-25 dudes), 1 kettle bell (15kgs to 18kgs ladies 25kgs to 35 kgs dudes)  and a yoga mat.

push up pikes feet on swiss ball 25 reps, clean and press 20 reps each side, single arm snatches 25 reps each side, push up pikes up on your toes on the swiss ball 20 reps, hold plank for 2 minutes

holy, this is challenging so take it at your own pace cause you’re doing 5 rounds of it! I can’t emphasize this enough, breathe, always be mindful of form, if form is being compromised take  a break and start back when feeling like you have you’re breathe back, stay in the moment and always always remember Think Fit, B Fit!!!!


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Since I was a little girl I was taught to love everyone the same regardless of race or sexual preference. That we were all born the same and to not judge someone on how they lived their lives. So, from a small age I saw people for who they really  were. If they were good or bad it wasn’t because of the color of their skin or their sexual preference it was because of their character. Sadly I’ve come in contact with people over the years  who are prejudice or racist and it truly breaks  my heart but what do you do when it’s really close to home? what do you do if it could effect your own family and how you raise you’re own children? What do you do if accepting this person(s) goes against everything you believe?  I guess you keep an open mind and open heart. That just like I was taught when I was young to love everyone, including the racists and bigots. But wait, how do you love someone so closed minded??  do  the racists and bigots fall into that category? Am I suppose to accept EVERYONE for who they REALLY are? Racsism and all? When is it ok to close your mind and heart to someone else? When is it ok to be closed minded yourself?

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