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My main goal as a trainer is help people see their full potential physically and mentally. At the end of the day all I want is for my clients to be healthy, happy and fit. I have my one on one private training business but I also have my semi private group training business. I started that about a year and a half ago. It was my way of helping all the other people who wanted to train with me but couldn’t afford my private hourly rate and slowly but surely it has grown into a 5 times a week 15 people per session training group. By the end of the year it will be 20 sessions a week, in 2 years 30 sessions a week, etc…  I love what I do and I love my clients. One in particular, (Ginger) has been truly inspiring. She’s struggled with being over weight her whole life. She joined Fit Club LA a couple of months ago. In that short amount of time she  has increased her daily exercise by 50%, cut out sugar dairy and alcohol.  She’s lost weight and feels great.  She lives a healthy, balanced life. And of course there are struggles like today… this is a conversation her and I had today via text….Ginger:”still sometimes have cravings but recognize it as being out of habit, frustration, boredom… not real desire” .Bryna:”That’s really great! you actually break down the craving into a few different categories. You actually think about why the craving is coming up and then find other healthy ways to cope with it!” Ginger:”It was really hard at first…but I drink water or brush my teeth in place of boredom… in place of stress and frustration I stretch and focus on breathing…” Bryna :”that’s great. Where did you learn that?” Ginger: “Habit I just focus on change… and thinking about how I can be a different kind of full figured women… one full of joy. the water/teeth brushing I figured I was still doing something with hands and mouth…the breathing and focus I learned from you.” Incredible! Truly inspiring for me! I hope this inspires you!

“Think Fit, B Fit!”


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Does one bad meal lead to more?

It’s Tuesday night, you’re heading home from work thinking about what an amazingly healthy day you’ve had(food wise that is)! You had eggs whites, Ezekiel toast and a small salad for breakfast, lunch: chicken breast over a greens, snacks a small apple with a handful of almonds and a protein shake. You’re feeling really good! Unfortunately you stayed at work a bit later then usual and your last meal was a protein shake 3 hours ago.  You forgot to replace your protein powder you leave in the car and the only snack you have is the old bag of potato chips you swore you’d throw out now that you’re eating healthy.  You’re starving, you’re rational thinking has pretty much gone out the window and you grab the chips and start eating them… OK, so not that big a deal? Right? But half way through the bag of chips you start thinking about dinner and that you haven’t  prepared anything. You start thinking of the fast food place around the corner from your house. You start thinking of the burger and fries you always picked on Tuesdays on your way home from work. Traffic starts to let up and before you know it you’re in the take out line at that fast food joint. Does one bad meal lead to more?

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