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What’s the difference between an athlete and you?

When I look out onto my group sessions or while training my clients one on one sometimes I tell myself, they’re  all athletes. Every single one of them! They come train with me 3/4/5 times a week and let me kick their asses every week. They take their work oust like men and women, no complaining, they just do it! I wonder if they know they’re athletes… That they train like athletes… That I see them all as athletes…?

Are you asking  yourself what’s the difference between me and an athlete? It’s really pretty simple. An athlete will let nothing get in the way of their work out. There are no excuses they just do it, no matter what! They are driven and focused. They have the end goal in site and nothing will stop them from getting there. They will push themselves until they have nothing left. They won’t let self doubt creep in. They won’t let fatigue take over. They stay in the moment! They push and push and push!

Everyone has an athlete in them you just have to get out of your own way! Look past the self doubt. Ignore the fatigue because we all have a little bit more in us to run that extra mile or swim another 100 meters. You have it in you!  The  only difference between you and an athlete is believing  in yourself.

Always remember, “Think Fit, B Fit!”

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Michael or aka “Big Mike”

As most of you know I hold group sessions 5 times a week in a local park in West Hollywood. I’ve met a lot of great people along the way. Some who have had life changing experiences, some slight life changing experiences, some not so much life changing experience but when I think of a true life style change I think of Michael. Michael and his sister have been coming to Fit Club Los Angeles for the last 3 months. Well Michael has, his sister is out of town for the summer. Anyway, right from the beginning I knew these two would grow and change into healthy and happy young people. Of course in the beginning of any kind of change there is resistance. There is a lot of self doubt, Can I do this? Am I strong enough? Can I not eat those Subway cookies? Do I have enough self control? Will I stick with this long term? All normal insecurities. But, what sets Michael apart from most,  is, he made his mind up and changed his life. He valued himself enough to know that he was worth eating healthy and exercising daily.  That he was worth the change! That his health and well being is what really matters. He’s focused, determined and driven. That’s all anyone needs to have a healthy and happy life. Self worth, it’s a powerful motivator.  If Michael can change so can you.

And always remember, “Think Fit, B Fit!”


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