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As of yesterday I started  working on my continuing education for 2013(through National Academy of Sports Medicine )on becoming a Weight Loss Specialist. I will be able to help the over weight and obese even  more then I do now and believe me this country needs all the help they can get! I’ve learned some pretty staggering information… Did you know that 62.9% of people in the united states are over weight or obese!  When I say people I’m not just talking about adults I’m talking about children as well!  Children as young as 5 years old battling with being over weight or obese! Did you also know that we spent 147 billion dollars on health care last year because of how over weight people are in this country! People are dying of heart disease, stroke, or are suffering from  type 2 diabetes or hypertension because of the food they are putting in their mouths and lack of physical activity. Technology has increased and physical activity  has decreased. Our country has been slowly killing itself with lack of exercise  and poor food choices for years but we can reverse that! For all the people in a position to educate and motivate then let’s get on it! How? Start a small walking group with your neighborhood or every friday night have your block over for a fit friday festival!  You pick a work out dvd that you all are interested in  and work out! Then cook a new healthy version of a unhealthy meal you eat consistently. Start small and believe me before you know that group will grow and grow and grow. It’s about helping people! It’s about changing  and  saving lives one person at a time! You don’t need to be in the health or fitness community to do this  all you  need is a the  belief that you can make a difference. Always remember…. Think Fit, B Fit!

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December 4th FCLA will be training out of Aikido Academy Los Angeles!

Fit Club Los Angeles is growing everyday. So much that we’ve out grown the current indoor space that we are in!  December 4th we start training in a 2300 square foot space Aikido Academy Los Angeles.  Aikido Academy has been a respectable, ever expanding karate studio here in west hollywood for the last 25+ years. Master Kim(the owner) and I have both decided that Aikido Academy would be the perfect space for Fit Club Los Angeles. We are truly honored to have the opportunity to train there. I look forward to Fit Club Los Angeles expanding in this space. 2013 is going to be an amazing year!  Always remember…. Think Fit, B Fit!

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“I believe in myself, I believe I can change!”

The end of the year is almost upon us. Some of us have reached all our resolutions and goals and some have fallen a bit short. For those who are goal setters good for you! Each and ever year you set out to accomplish your goals and you get to each and  every one. I respect and commend you for that drive and dedication to you and your  growth as a human being.  For everyone else well you’re human. Honestly, if you even just accomplished one goal then you’re  that much stronger for it. You ended the year exactly the way you wanted? Yeah? No? Is something nagging at you?  Is it  that 10 pounds that you gained 2 years ago that has now moved it’s way up  to 15 on the scale? Or, is it  those jeans you wore in high school( that you said you’d  fit back into this year)that are  about to be  given to good will? Everyone has a fitness goal, (including me )that they want to get to. Everyone! So starting today you will actually accomplish that goal. Whatever it is you will get it done. Do you want to know how? Because  you believe in yourself. Because you value yourself and your health. And that’s what you’ll say to yourself every time you want to give up or quit. That’s what you’ll say to yourself when you want to eat half a pizza while sitting on the couch watching  football when that noon spin class starts in 15 minutes at your local gym. Keep repeating this, I believe in myself, I believe I can change. It’s your mantra for 2012 into 2013! I believe in myself, I believe  I can change!

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Shopping During the Holidays!

I know the holidays are here and that means lots of shopping! Lots of present giving and receiving. It’s an amazing feeling to give someone you love a present whether   worth $5 or $500 it’s a special time! But here’s an idea, why not give the gift of health. What does that mean? Well maybe instead of buying your significant other a years worth of wine maybe you order 6 months worth of food delivery. Or maybe buy them a year membership  to the local gym or group sessions studio.If  that’s out of the budget order P90X coupled  with a year subscription  to men’s health.  Yes, it is a wonderful time of the year but it is also a very unhealthy  time for most. A lot of rich, heavy  foods around. You’re traveling so most food options are unhealthy and most people won’t  pay a gym fee at the local gym while their staying at mom and dad’s. So let’s make this holiday season a healthy one.  spread the healthy cheer to friends and family and who knows maybe it will rub off on you. Always remember  ”Think Fit, B Fit!”

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