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Losing Weight…

To lose weight there are many components that go into you successfully getting there… Let’s start off with  this.  In order to lose one pound of fat a week you need to be burning(through exercise) or cutting(through diet) 3500 calories a week. That’s 500 calories a day. The best way to get you on the right track to losing weight effectively and efficiently is to hire a weight loss specialist of some kind. They will put you through a fitness assessment that will generally involve a psychological assessment, girth measurements, body fat measurements,  physical assessment and a VO2 max test(cardiovascular assessment). The assessment will give you a better picture on where you’re starting.  A more realistic picture. The assessment is also a great way to show you your progress by re assessing every few months or so. You will  also need to start a food log. Tracking your food and your caloric intake is one of the most important keys to losing weight. For most women you want to keep your calories at around 1200/1300 calories a day.  For most  men 1500/1600 calories a day. You also need to know if you’re drinking enough water in a day. 96 ounces for someone sedentary, 120 plus ounces for someone active. Another  key part of losing weight is the amount of sleep you’re getting in a night. 7/8 hours a night will allow the brain and body to renew and restore.  Consistently getting 6 hours and under a night will lead to continual weight gain year to year if not remedied! No matter how healthy you eat or exercise. Lastly, how are your stress levels? If stress levels aren’t managed well that has a direct effect on how you store fat in the body. Higher stress levels  higher fat storage… Once you get all of these components working together you will  lose weight. I guarantee it! And always remember…. Think Fit, B Fit.

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