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  • I have not work out for 7 years since high school! pretty damn sad hahah so I decided to purchase the Lifebooker - 20 dollar for 20 class with Bryna. Awesome DEAL!. I was pretty nervous so I decided to sign up for the yoga for my first class. Overall I highly recommend to sign up and start moving!

    - Ristra F.

  • From where shall I start? How awesome is Bryna or how great are the sessions?
    I joined the club Oct. last year. And since that day I fell in love with workouts. I have never done workouts in a regular bases in my life before. And the reason is I never found the motivation to do so. And thats what I experienced with Bryna. Motivation, support and care. I'm so glad to be part of it and will always be.
    Thank you Bryna for your kind and loving spirit. And my dogs thank you as well that I leave home for them to mess up while I'm working out with you.

    - Shosh K.

  • I originally signed up for this boot camp with a Lifebooker deal and I've been hooked ever since. I love anything that makes you sweat and work hard and I absolutely love this boot camp. I've been a dancer all my life and nothing has ever toned my body this much and this fast as this boot camp (I'm not kidding, Jazz, Ballet all at least 4 times a week and still, not the same). The classes consist of different exercises every session to keep it interesting, the classes are always a positive and encouraging environment both from Bryna and the other attendees, and I have never seen faster results. I'm naturally thin thanks to good genes but I've never had my shorts be too big on me or my clothes fit me different, it's been so fun seeing my body change.

    Bryna is so encouraging and keeps you on track, she makes the experience as if you have hired her as a personal trainer and likes to keep up with your progress and health. It's really great having someone that invested in you and your health and I think it really shows in the results and your overall feeling after taking the boot camp. I've recommended this to all my friends and I will continue to be an FCLA client for a long time!

    - Chanelle L.

  • Bryna is AWESOME! I have tried many different trainers and she is so committed to her clients. She has amazing workouts and great motivation. She is the most hands on trainer I have ever worked with.


    - Valerie W.

  • I signed up for Fit Club as part of a Lifebooker deal and took the Saturday and Sunday morning classes, led by Bryna, Andrew, and Wayne. This isn't your typical bootcamp where you're yelled at by some military douche. All of them are fantastic trainers who know how to kick your ass into shape while still keeping you motivated with encouragement. They were all great at giving individual attention, watching everyone's form to make sure nobody was going to injure themselves, and answering questions. And Bryna's really supportive with follow-up text messages after your workouts.

    The workouts themselves were tough and my body was always aching the next day, but they're not there to kill you. =) And you quickly see that yoga classes and machines at the gym aren't working all your muscles and you aren't making the same gains as quickly. The exercises were also different week to week, so you were never bored.

    Saturdays were a bit tougher for me because I had horrible cardio and core stamina, but I could see it improving. And the park location is great for fresh air and sun, with plenty of parking on a Saturday morning. Just make sure to wear shoes and clothes that you don't mind getting a little muddy - same for your yoga mat, because it will get dirty.

    Sunday kettlebell workouts were less daunting than I thought they would be and a good mix of strength and cardio. The dojo location is also great and has a parking lot that's free on Sundays (don't know about the weekdays). Our Sunday workouts in the dojo were shoe-less because the floors are padded mats.

    Definitely bring a towel and a giant bottle of water, because you will sweat like crazy!

    - Albert K.

B fit group programs

Each program begins with setting an intention so there is a mind – body connection during the session. All BFLA clients are asked to think of one visualization or mantra that will motivate them throughout the session; something they can return to during the more challenging parts of the workout because all exercise is a moving meditation.


This is a 60 minute total body higher intensity circuit that will keep your heart rate up and guaranteed to make you sweat! This session combines strength training, mobility, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. You will learn basic, compound movements to improve overall functional movement. This session is designed to push you to your limits but accessible to all levels. No previous Kettlebell experience is required. (10-minute dynamic warm up, 10-minute cool down and Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) are included in the session)

Power Yoga

This is a 60 minute, stronger and faster paced practice. Clients will move through Sun Salutations, Vinyasas, and poses of varying degrees of difficulty. This is all levels so options will be given to modify. This is a total body program that creates longer, leaner muscles and improves circulation and mobility. This practice is our truest form of moving meditation.

Metabolic Circuit

This is a 60-minute high intensity interval training circuit (H.I.I.T.), body conditioning and resistance training session that will target strength-building and improve muscular endurance. This session is also designed to rev up metabolism which will leave you burning calories hours after the session is over. (10-minute dynamic warm up, 10-minute cool down and Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) are included in the session)


This is a 60 full-body cardiovascular program designed to continually increase and decrease heart-rate through aerobic, anaerobic and body-weight core exercises. (10-minute dynamic warm up, 10-minute cool down and Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) are included in the session)

Self-Myofascial Release

This 30 minute alternative-medicine aims to relax contracted muscles, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulate the over-worked muscles. By using your own body weight on the RumbleRoller, we will teach you how to rid the body of adhesions and release trigger points which improve flexibility, function, performance, and prevents injury. You will need a RumbleRoller for this session.

Mat Pilates

This is a 60 minute session that is based around a system of controlled exercises that engage the mind and condition the body. The combination of strength and flexibility training improves posture, reduces stress, and creates long, lean muscles throughout the body. You will learn a series of intermediate to advanced Pilates exercises with a heavy emphasis on abdominal- and core-strengthening. A yoga mat is required for this session.


This is a 60 minute classic boxing session using punching bags, pads, jump ropes, and battle ropes. This program is great for all fitness levels. It’s an amazing way to lose weight, tone up, get fit, and learn self-defense while training. Boxing gloves and wraps will be provided.


This 60 minute high-intensity, muscular endurance interval training session will develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core-stabilization. The suspension trainer uses a system of rope and webbing to allow you to work against your own body weight by using a variety of multi-plane, compound exercises. This session requires the use of the TRX trainer which will be provided.

A new fitness experience


What Makes B fit Unique?

B fit Los Angeles is a place where individuals of all fitness levels and age groups come together to achieve their personal fitness goals while still getting the support and encouragement that is created in a group environment. All of our trainers take a “hands-on” approach throughout the group session, giving each client a personal training experience. We strive to create a training environment that inspires each student to reach beyond their current physical state of mind and physical strength so that they can discover their own inner and physical power.