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Group Testimonials

FCLA is the best workout in Los Angeles! It’s structured to give me the benefits of personal training in a group session. The class size is kept small, so there’s no chance of getting lost in the mix and pushes me to work harder. Every session features fresh and innovative workouts, which I love, because it keeps me on my toes and consistently pushes me out of my comfort zone.  I fancy myself as fairly competitive, but FCLA is perfect for any athletic level and the training staff immediately taps into your potential.

Bryna is an incredibly inspirational trainer and professional butt-kicker, everyday I feel challenged and supported in reaching my fitness goals. During every challenging workout my mind is riddled with self-doubt, but Bryna teaches me mental toughness and doesn’t let me quit.  She pushes me further than I think my body can go and I feel stronger, more confident everyday.  She also makes herself available outside of class, which means I can bug her with questions any time (I know she loves this).  From healthy eating to proper stretching to the best workouts, this lady is a wealth of knowledge that I cannot do without. Bottom line, Bryna’s program is helping me make some serious lifestyle changes!

I love starting my day with FCLA, although I’ve never been particularly enthusiastic embarking on an early workout, it get’s me motivated, focused and helps me set positive intentions for the rest of the day.

If none of the above convinces you FCLA is where it’s at, after only one week of training with Bryna, my boyfriend was (maybe too) impressed with how quickly he saw results.

Georgia H.

Fit Club Los Angeles is bringing something to fitness that is unheard of. They have an educated, dedicated trainer offering private training in a group setting. Bryna is one of the top trainers in the country with advanced certifications and skills that push you beyond what you thought you could achieve all the while making sure you are working in a safe and effective manner. She is consistently staying on top of the latest scientific results and trends, continually educating herself and their clients. I consider myself athletic, having played division 1 basketball in college and working out on a regular basis. Working out with Bryna however, I never thought I could do what she asked, but once I did, with her motivation and care, I have never been more excited about working out, especially with her again. Anyone looking to get the most out of a workout in the shortest possible time should definitely enlist Fit Club Los Angeles!
James Lee W.

I recently started with Fit Club Los Angeles about a month ago and have loved every minute of it! Bryna pushes you to get the best workout possible in an hour and constantly changes the workouts day to day so you never get bored. I am sore for days after a workout (which is a good thing!). Bryna takes the time to know your weaknesses or injuries and tailor each exercise so that you can get stronger. Everyone in the group is so friendly and really encourages each other to push hard. Overall this has been a great experience….a welcome break from boring gym routine! I’m not planning on quitting any time soon!!!
Kelly H.

Bryna is a great for those first timers – Her “firm but fair” approach will ensure you’ll deliver your best for the complete hour without being pushed into an injury. I really enjoy the daily sessions because they are composed of diverse exercises targeting different areas of the body throughout the week. From warm-up to cool-down stretching Bryna creates a nice balance in class so you’ll leave feeling great. I really like everyone in class – the group has great energy. It’s also nice to exercise outside in nature with fresh air instead of being inside a stuffy gym. Bryna rich knowledge of wellbeing extends past fitness as she assists me with training equipment and a daily diet plan. I have been struggling with my weight since arriving in Los Angeles last December and just recently managed to gain control through Bryna’s guidance. I only wish I found her sooner!
Ema H.

I didn’t think I’d last beyond the first day of training.

I purchased a Living Social package for 1 month of unlimited group training and  signed up for a Friday class.  My first thought on that first day was “What in the *expletive* did I get myself into?!? I can’t do this! I’m too unfit for this club of fitness!  Well, I’ll finish the class but I’m not coming back….”

The class continued and I looked at everyone in it…all different shapes, sizes & fitness levels.  I thought to myself, “Well, of course they can handle all this exercising!  They’ve been doing this for who knows how long.  I can’t stick it out for that long…I obviously don’t have it in me!”  The class ended.  Everyone was sweaty.  They clapped & thanked the trainer for….exhausting everyone? pushing us beyond our limits? burning muscles? inability to catch our breaths?  I clapped too because I was too tired to fight it.

Before I walked out, the trainer – Bryna **pronounced BRI-nuh; not BRINE-uh** – addressed my earlier complaint of dizziness.   She told me what I was lacking in my diet and suggested a place for supplements.  I’m a cynical person and quickly thought “Well, THERE’S a reason to spend more $”  I told her I’d get all she suggested but knew I wouldn’t because I wasn’t coming back. Ha! So there!

I slowly walked to my car and began my work day thinking that I’d never see that place or those people again.  I’m OUT!  Mid-day, I got a text from Bryna saying “You did an amazing job today!!”  Well, she’s clearly texting the wrong person because I know what I did and that was NOT amazing.  I barely survived it!  But then she mentioned supplements again & I realized that she knew exactly who she was talking to.  What the what?  Why would she say that?  Does she seriously want me to go back?  I can’t go back! I’m already dedicated to the whole quitting thing!

But she didn’t stop.  She continued to be supportive & encouraging the rest of the day.  Did she know I was ready to quit?  She must have seen it in my eyes, for sure!  She got in my head & really made me feel like I could continue.  So I went back on Monday.  And I’ve continued going since then.

Has it become easier?  Hell no!  I struggle with it each time but it’s worth it.  Something that’s stuck with me & pushed me to continue since day one was when Bryna said “This is where change happens.”  So true!  And she doesn’t just help with exercising; she also helps with nutrition.  I’ve worked with other trainers one-on-one in the past.  Never did they figure out what my body needed so I wouldn’t get dizzy, so I could tolerate a full hour of intense training without feeling sick, so I could recover quickly to go at it again.  Bryna had me sorted out within 3 sessions!

Clearly, there’s a reason so many people give Fit Club 5 stars.  And I’ll just reiterate what other reviewers have said because it’s all true.  It’s hard to fathom a person dedicating herself to the health of so many people at one time, but she does.  Bryna is supportive and actively engages with clients to make sure that each one is getting the most out their sessions.  She takes great care in ensuring that people are in proper form & is able to quickly diagnose whatever issues someone may have.

Bryna is a trainer, nutrition expert & cheerleader all in one very fit package.  If everyone had a Bryna in their lives, ‘Murrica wouldn’t have an obesity problem!  I’ve exhausted my Living Social package but I’m going to continue training with her…..at least until I come to my senses ;)

Veronica L.

I’m not sure what I can add to this long list of exemplary reviews other than to wholeheartedly agree with my fellow fitclubbers.

I, too, started with an online deal. I would have gauged my fitness level to be adequate-I had lost a lot of weight and had a really healthy diet but I had become stagnant and unmotivated regarding physical workouts.The price was right, the location was easily accessible and I could say I tried, so I purchased the groupon and scheduled a class..

This is now the beginning of my third month of regular attendance.

Any preconceived notions about not being strong enough or committed enough or being too old-fifty plus-were partially dissipated after my initial contact with Bryna by phone/text when scheduling my first class and even more so after attending my first session.

I think one of the main qualities  that Bryna has that make her a great teacher/trainer is that she innately and immediately gains your respect.She is personable,affable,professional, knowledgeable, tough but not tyrannical. It takes a talent to affect a personal touch in a group atmosphere and you know she is paying attention to everyone there.You wont get injured under her watch and I learned, with some resistance, to take her suggestions. Its for your own good.

The website is functionally excellent, as are the other trainers under her tutelage, which is another indication of what a well run operation this is on all levels.

The best teachers for me are  those that make you want to succeed; they will push and nudge you when necessary,call you on it if you’re slacking and praise you when its warranted…add Bryna Leigh to that short and valued list.

Nick Mello

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