It Starts with You!

Is this what a day looks like in your  life??   Alarm goes off at 7;30am. You shower, get dressed, make a cup of coffee, grab your briefcase, jump in the car so you can be at work at 9am. Get to work, keep in mind you still haven’t  had breakfast or a cup of water yet. Also you’ve started the dehydration process with no water and a cup of coffee… Ok, so it’s just about lunch time. You and a group of your co workers head to the local chilli’s for lunch. Keep in mind you have still not had one cup of water but have had 3 cups of coffee. You think since the coffee is made out of water you’re good to go… anyway, so you sit down to eat lunch. You’re craving carbs and fat so you order a hamburger and fries. You’re also having a really bad headache so you order another cup of coffee to hopefully remedy that problem. Finish lunch, head back to work. You’ll feeling pretty good! The carbohydrates gave you a bit of energy and the coffee is keeping you more alert for the time being. It’s now 4pm, you finally had a cup of water around 3pm. It was  during your break while you ate that donut that has been  sitting in the box since 9am.  You’re starting to feel super tired and really irritable. The caffeine has worn off and your insulin levels have seriously dropped way below whats considered normal. So, what do you do? You grab another cup of coffee! Of course you need  to get  through the next 2 hours of work!  And maybe you  go to the vending machine to buy a snickers…!!  6pm rolls around you’re  out of your seat on your way to the car. You’re meeting a  few friends at local sports bar to watch the game, have a few beers, eat some wings and pizza  before you head home for the night. It’s now midnight. You’re just getting home from the bar, still have the same headache you had earlier in the day…. Can’t seem to shake it… You finally get to bed at 1am.

What do you think is wrong with this lifestyle? I’m going to point out everything about this life that will lead this person straight to the emergency room. If not for dehydration maybe for a heart attack or stroke. Something down the road will cause this person to shut down. Guaranteed! Here are all the unhealthy habits in this persons life that will continually effect his or her progression to a healthy life.

1. Skipping breakfast. I know you’ve been hearing this since you were a little guy/girl but breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What you start the day with food wise will effect all the other  food choices you make. You skip the meal altogether it effects your metabolism functioning properly, it also will effect your insulin levels. You’ll crave carbs because at some point before you actually eat a meal you’ll feel super tired and really moody. That’s your insulin levels dropping. When that happens all you want is fatty carb filled foods. Start the day with a high protein healthy well balanced meal. Why? same reasoning behind skipping meals, skip the meal- make really unhealthy food choices. Start healthy- eat healthier through out the day.

2. Only drinking one cup of water a day!  So wanna know where those really bad headaches are coming from? No you’re not dieing its called dehydration! When the body is dehydrated it can not function properly. If the body loses too much water it can’t adequately  replace it  which can lead to dizziness, lowered blood pressure and head aches! And when coupled with drinking 5 cups of coffee a day on top of the alcohol leads to severe dehydration. Coffee and tea dehydrate you.  So, for every cup of coffee you have you need to drink  2 cups of water to rehydrate. Here’s a quick formula to know how  much water you should be drinking a day. Whatever your body weight is divide that in half and that’s how many ounces a day you should be drinking in water.

3. Not getting enough sleep. Consistently getting under 7 hrs a sleep a night will cause continual weight gain. It also will not allow your body to recharge which will disrupt restoring leptin and cortisol hormones. Your stress and fat controlling hormones… If those are out of wack so are you!

4. Too many high fatty, starchy, foods. So one of the ways to stay healthy is to keep HDL( high density lipoprotein a.k.a good cholesterol) up. Exercise, eating a healthy diet and not smoking will increase  HDL. Eating hamburgers and drinking beer will decrease  HDL which can lead to diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure.

5. Not eating every 3/3.5 hours. In order to keep metabolism functioning properly, insulin levels even, keep cholesterol low  and keep energy levels high spacing out meals every 3/3.5 hours will keep everything running smoothly. Did you see  my example constantly craving  high fatty, starchy, high sugar based foods? Did you also see the moodiness and energy levels dropping on and off through out the day?

When I see this lifestyle, I say to myself this is so easy to fix. Just take one issue at a time and make the positive change. It takes 3 weeks to create any habit. So when you’ve started hydrating more and it’s lasted more then 3 weeks move on to the next issue. And slowly over time you will be living a balanced, healthy life! It’s really as simple as that! It starts with you! Make the change.


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Female Personal Trainer, Los Angeles, California

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