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Personal Training Testimonials

I train most days when I’m in LA taping ‘Shark Tank’ on ABC. Bryna trains me and she’s Fabulous and keeps me in tip-top shape for my battles with the other Sharks! She’s a great trainer.
Barbara Corcoran

Bryna has shaped my body. Shaped my mind. Shaped my guns. And shaped my buns. I love the way she rock n rolls. I love her more than words can say. I love her. She’s my hero
Eric Andre

I came to Bryna 6 weeks post C section with zero abdominal strength and 30 pounds of baby weight to lose. I don’t like to work with trainers because of the fear factor most try to motivate with. Plus I was so weak and exhausted I couldn’t imagine how I was going to exercise again after such an invasive surgery. Bryna changed my impression of training through her realistic, steady and dynamic approach to healthy examining habits, rehabilitating my abdomen and motivating me to move again. Two months later I had so much energy to keep up with my baby and the compliments were rolling in on how amazing my body looked. She inspired me to put the work in to lose all of the weight plus 5 inches off of my waist all without making me feel intimidated or weak. I would highly recommend Bryna to any skill level looking to change their body.
Libby Slane

Bryna not only pushes me to my limits, but her encouraging, positive energy and attitude make me want to work harder.Within a few weeks of working with Bryna I knew that she was someone I would want to train with for a very long time. She is completely in tune with the female figure and aware of what my goals are. The changes I’ve seen in my body have been incredible. I’ve worked muscles I didn’t even know I had and leaned out the ones I had been training for years. She is knowledgeable about every area of fitness & health and has inspired me in more ways than one
Lucy Hale

After working out with Bryna for a year now, I can honestly say she is the complete package.  Our workouts have ranged from enervating and restorative to profanely cruel, but they are never beyond what I am safely capable of doing.  It’s important for me that my workouts are as unpredictable and varied as to avoid falling into a rut or overly taxing certain muscle sets while neglecting others, and I would say that each of our sessions has been unique.  From strength training, to flexibility and stabilization exercises, to highly intense anaerobic sessions, it excites me to see Bryna because I’m never quite sure what to expect for the day.  All this, coupled with her meticulous dedication to proper form and her encyclopedic knowledge of nutrition, has had a truly transformative effect on me, both physically and mentally.  It’s hard to overstate the thrilling feeling of satisfaction from having to tighten my belt another notch or from my wife cooing over new muscular definition.  I have had a number of trainers over the years, and it’s astonishing to be working with somebody who is so good in so many different areas.  I’ve come to highly regard the both challenge of our sessions and the accompanying results.
Michael Guerinl

As far as Im concerned, Bryna is the ideal personal trainer. She’s fun but very focused. Whether simply working towards improved overall fitness, or a specific target like dropping weight or building muscle, her firm, clear and motivating guidance was both invaluable and impossible to talk my way out of! I couldn’t recommend her more highly.
Rufus Sewell

Bryna is beyond a wonderful trainer. The thing that sets her apart from the rest is that she genuinely cares about her clients and is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure they achieve the goals they have set for themselves. For Bryna, it’s not just about the individual sessions you spend with her, it’s about changing your lifestyle for the better. When you get to the point where you’re convinced you can’t go any further, Bryna knows what to say to help you re-focus and encourage you to keep going. She has been my inspiration to get fit and get on track to a healthy lifestyle.
Stephanie MacDonald

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