Reservations & Cancellation Policies

Bfit Los Angeles is committed to ensuring that every group session is filled to ensure the maximum in training experience, we have a policy that at least 5 clients need to be booked per session. If we are unable to fill the session, you will be given 24 hour notification.

All fit club clients are required to purchase a Rumbler roller ($45), for information on how to purchase one please inquire through Bryna.

For All Session purchases:

Bfit Los Angeles will accept any cancellations without penalty as long they are made 24 hours prior to session and a session is rescheduled before weeks end (Sunday). Failure to do so will result in an automatic $10.00 cancellation charge on your credit card, all clients will need to add credit card info to their mind body accounts for 24 hour charge.

Your credit/debit card will be charged for your order when you submit your reservation. Bfit Los Angeles will not process reservation charges that use an incorrect, expired, or over-the-limit credit card. We will make our best efforts to contact you if this occurs. If you fail to pay any fees or charges when due, services or privileges may be suspended or terminated. You shall be responsible and liable for any fees, including attorneys’ fees and collection costs, that Befit Los Angeles may incur in its efforts to collect any unpaid balances from you.

Unlimited Monthly Members:

Beginning November 1, all unlimited monthlies will be on an auto renew starting so first day of sign-up will be your due date.

If a member decides to cancel their monthly membership, they will need to send notification to contact form of this 30 days prior to date of cancellation desired. .