Meet Our Trainers

Head Trainer
Owner of B fit Los Angeles
Head Trainer
Owner of B fit Los Angeles

Bryna Carracino

Bryna Carracino is a certified personal trainer through NASM. Her sessions are either one-on-one, semi-private, or group training. She is also certified in TRX, Kettlebells, Yoga and has studied through Venice Nutrition. She has experience in Pre/Post natal, H.I.T. and H.I.I.T..

Bryna’s relationship with her clients is that of a partnership in becoming healthier through exercise and proper nutrition. All her clients, be it group sessions or one-on-one, get the benefit of her full attention. From the start, Bryna makes it clear to each of her clients that she will always be available for motivation, inspiration, and guidance as long as each person is willing to put in the work. She teaches them how to live balanced, healthy lifestyles not just the correct form for a push-up. Bryna’s clients and she have healthy relationships that lead them to being stronger, more secure, and more successful human beings. Read More


Andrew Lunt

As a Certified Personal Trainer, Neuromuscular Therapist, and Massage Therapist, as well as life-long athlete, Andrew has a unique mix of education and first-hand experience in the arena of holistic health and wellness. He has a passion for guiding people on their paths to becoming the best possible versions of themselves – physically and otherwise. Andrew believes that knowledge is power and it is absolutely true that, in order to Be Fit, we must Think Fit. He has dedicated his life to the arts of training and massage in order to help people achieve their goals in the safest and most efficient way possible.


Blake Sunshine

Blake is a leader, motivator and fitness trendsetter that incorporates strength and personality into each individual’s training. Her goal for clients is to embrace their challenges by training not just the physical but mental state. Struggling with weight as an adolescent, Blake used her love for athletics to change not only her physical attributes but her mindset. Her love for sports and working out has driven her to a balanced, whole life that she hopes to inspire others to adapt. Living a healthy lifestyle has given Blake the confidence and courage to fulfill her dreams and passions of Media/TV personality, host, and fitness model. And, she would love to help others fulfill their dreams as well.

Marlyse-phlaum is a personal trainer for B fit Los Angeles

Marlyse Phlaum

Marlyse Phlaum is a high-energy leader with an uncanny ability to motivate, encourage, and bring out the best in her clients. She has been a fitness addict ever since she learned Pilates at age 10 from her mom. By the time she was in college, she was both a competitive cheerleader and a certified Pilates instructor. This solidified her path towards becoming a supportive role model, positive thinker, and a health enthusiast. Don’t let the bubbly personality fool you! She has a million ways to strengthen your core… and she’s going to use them!

Jessie Johnson

Jessie Johnson

Jessie Johnson is a focused motivator who loves to have fun. Jessie is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine(NASM). She aims to create a safe, but challenging atmosphere for clients. From the advanced athlete to the working mom – she wants all her clients leaving feeling strong inside and out.

Jessie has been active her whole life, whether it be in competitive sports growing up, recreational sports in college or organized fitness now. Coming from a family with a history of cancer and heart and liver disease, she knows the importance of adopting healthy habits physically, mentally and nutritionally, and because of this Jessie decided it was time to make a change to help others – now she wants to continue her fitness journey as a trainer, inspiring individuals to live a healthy active life no matter their age or fitness level.